Set Up a Password for an Existing Account

If you have a library account but no password, your library may allow you to set up a password for your existing account online. You need your library account number to set up the password.

1. Click My Record on the My Account menu.

The log-in form is displayed.

2. Click create a password.

The password form is displayed.

3. Type your library account number in the Barcode Number box.

4. Type a password in the Password box.

The password must be a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 16. You can use capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers, but not special keyboard characters or spaces.

Your library may require numbers only.

5. Type the same password in the Verify Password box.

If the passwords do not match, a message is displayed. Type the password in the Password and Verify Password boxes again.

6. Click Create Password.