Sharing Search Results

Your library may provide several ways for you to share or rate titles in your search results.

Bookmarking and Sharing (Social Bookmarks)

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of Web resources. Your library may allow you to share bookmarks to titles in your search results on over 200 sites that support social bookmarking, such as Facebook™, Twitter™, and Digg™. When someone clicks the link on your social network site, a search for the title is launched in the library catalog. If your library provides this feature, a Share link is displayed for the title in your search results.

Follow these steps to bookmark a title in your search results on a social network site.

1. Click Share for the title.

The Bookmark & Share dialog box appears.

2. Select a site from this list, or click More to open a larger dialog box with a list of additional sites and a search feature that covers additional social bookmarking providers.

3. Click a site link to open the window for the selected site.

4. Log in to your site account and add a bookmark for the selected title, using the methods established for the site.

Reader Ratings and Reviews

Your library may provide reader ratings and reviews for titles in your search results. Ratings and a link for reviews are displayed beside the title information in your search results.

Click the review link and follow the instructions to read or write reviews.